Alaska Backcountry Softadventures and Wilderness Tour Experiences

Explore the spectacular Alaska national parks and wildlife refuges on our safe and guided backpacking -, kayak or rafting trips, visit world-class wildlife and brown bear viewing destinations such as Katmai National Park (Brooks Lodge), Kodiak Island, the magnificent Denali National Park with towering 20.300 ft. Mt.McKinley, the Glacier Bay with it's temperate rainforest, rugged coastlines and deep glaciated fjords or enjoy a first-class wilderness experience on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula.

Hiking Tours

Guided Alaska Hiking Trips within Denali State Park and the Wrangell St. Elias Mountains. Overnight backpacking and trekking tours, pristine wilderness day trips and helicopter supported trips for all ages and abilities. Free local transfers available for all trips. Our operators are certified eco-tourism companies committed to protecting the places we go.

 Wrangell St. Elias Hiking Tours Wrangell St. Elias Nat'l Park 2 Days +
 Denali State Park Hiking Tours Denali State Park 3 Days +
 The Chilkoot Trail Southeast Alaska 4 Days +
 Denali State Park Heli-Hiking Tours Denali State Park Day Tours

Kayak | Rafting Tours

Sea kayaking is a popular way to experience the wilderness of Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords and the Prince William Sound. Kayak trips may originate from Gustavus, Seward and Whittier. Daily tour boat services may transport kayakers to the backcountry location of their choice or simply choose one of our fully guided day- and overnight tours.

 Whale Watching | Glacier Bay Kayak Tours Glacier Bay Nat'l Park 3 Days +
 Copper River Wilderness Rafting Trips Wrangell St. Elias Nat'l Park 6 Days +
 Aialik Bay | Northwestern Fjords Kayak Tours Kenai Fjords Nat'l Park 3 Days +
 Blackstone Bay | Harriman Fjord Kayak Tours Prince William Sound 4 Days +
 Columbia Glacier Kayak Tours Prince William Sound 3 Days +