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You'll enjoy panoramic views of the Alaska Pipeline, the Yukon River Valley with remnants of early gold mining activities, mountain ranges and endless tundra during your flight across the arctic circle. Experience the rugged and magnificent wilderness area upon arrival at a remote wilderness community on the Middle Koyukuk River - deep in the heart of the Gates of the Arctic National Park - and learn about the faszinating story of the Brooks Range, it's people and history. You may choose from 3 daily departures ex Fairbanks. Tip: During the summer months we highly recommend the evening departure and the total midnight sun experience.


Fairbanks - Arctic Circle Flightseeing - Fairbanks

To see Alaska from the window of a Cessna, Otter or Beaver bushplane is not just a rush to the senses; it's also a great way to lay your eyes upon the vast amount of unscathed land that no train or automobile can reach. The sky-stroking peaks, the miles of ice, the flats of tundra riddled with herds of caribou, moose, roaming grizzly bears and musk ox - it's all breathtaking and potentially life-changing.

Equally enchanting, but in an entirely different way, is a flightseeing trip over the fast tundra areas, the impressive Yukon River Valley, along the mighty Brooks Range and the Alaska Pipeline in Northern Alaska. Soon you'll cross the Arctic Circle and receive the official artic circle vertificate. Long ago the great sheets of ice that stretched from Siberia to the interior of Alaska melted, and what's left is a haunting and flat, treeless, cold desert, chiefly inhabited by bear, caribou and musk ox. In the fall, the long, green tundra grass atop the layer of permafrost turns an array of colors and during the summer time you enjoy 24-hours of daylight within the "Land of the Midnight Sun".

Gates of the Arctic covers 13,238 square miles, sprawls 800 miles from east to west and is entirely north of the Arctic Circle. It extends from the southern foothills of the Brooks Range, across the range's ragged peaks and down onto the North Slope. Most of the park is a maze of glaciated valleys and gaunt, rugged mountains covered with boreal forest or treeless slopes of Arctic tundra north of the divide. Upon arrival at the Gates of the Arctic National Park you visit a remote community on the Middle Koyukuk River and learn about the lifestyle, the people and the history


NAT05: Northern Alaska Tour Packages: Arctic Circle Flight Day Tour
Arctic Circle Flightseeing Tours Rate in US$ per Person   
Arctic Circle Flight Sightseeing Tour ex Fairbanks (Departure 7:00 am | Arrival 12:00 pm) $ 479.00
Arctic Circle Flight Sightseeing Tour ex Fairbanks (Departure 1:00 pm | Arrival 6:00 pm) $ 559.00
Arctic Circle Flight Sightseeing Tour ex Fairbanks (Departure 7:00 pm | Arrival 12:00 pm) $ 459.00


Northern Alaska Tours: Services Included
  • Flight Sightseeing Tour from | to Fairbanks
  • Arctic Circle Certificate
  • Wilderness Community Tour
  • Taxes
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