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Alaska Northern Lights Viewing | Alaska's Top 10 Aurora Tours

You have come to the right place for Northern Lights Viewing in Alaska. This includes many choices from our wide range of tours like Aurora Viewing tours out of Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis Viewing Tours north of the Arctic Circle, Deluxe Chena Hot Springs Northern Lights Vacation Package, Bettles Lodge for that remote wilderness experience, Arctic Circle Aurora Borealis Tours, beautiful Alaska Winter Vacation, Northern Lights Winter Rail Tour featuring scenic landscapes, Alaska Snow Train from Anchorage, Alaska Railroad Winter Train Tour Package to Mt. Denali. Please feel free to choose your preferred tour from our large selection of Northern Lights Tour Packages within Alaska and Northern Canada. Our Aurora Borealis trips include photo support, accommodation in wilderness lodges and resorts, hot springs spa pass, sightseeing side trips, soft adventure tours and transfers. Welcome to Alaska's Winter Wonderland !                                     

► Alaska Northern Lights Adventures
NL-01 Aurora Viewing Tour Fairbanks
04 Days from | to Fairbanks

Fairbanks is an ideal starting point to observe the aurora in Alaska. View the magnificent Northern Lights displays from a heated log cabin high above Fairbanks – far away from any city lights – and from the hills above Chena Hot Springs Resort with a spectacular and breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view. During the day you have time to explore Fairbanks during a guided city sightseeing tour, take an exciting sled dog ride or view the ice sculptures during the World Ice Art Championships. Rejuvenate in the natural hot springs pools at Chena and join us on a tour of the unique ice museum. This package is also available as an extended tour program with railroad departures from Anchorage. A perfect Alaska Winter Vacation. 

NL-01A Fairbanks | Northern Lights Activity Tour
04 Days from | to Fairbanks

This activity tour includes a guided van tour to the Arctic Circle and to the well known Chena Hot Springs Spa Resort. Because Fairbanks is closer to the highly active Aurora Borealis area over the arctic and the winter nights are longer than they are to the south - the Aurora Borealis light shows are generally much brighter and more reliable over the Fairbanks and the Northern Alaska areas than anywhere else. The lights are flipping and waving through the sky in shades of green, purple and red. A tour and spectacle you'll never forget again! Optional: Extend the tour program with railroad departure from or to Anchorage.

NL-01B Fairbanks & Chena Resort Aurora Tour
04 Days from | to Fairbanks

Experience the best places on earth to view the beautiful and mysterious northern lights. Bright, energetic curtains of yellow, green, red or even purple light brighten our night skies regularly. Fairbanks is situated within a ring-shaped region around the North Pole called the auroral oval. This location provides the area around Fairbanks a terrific balance of occurrence, frequency and activity. Experience the aurora from a heated "aurorium" cabin north of Fairbanks and from Chena Hot Springs Resort pool. During the day you have plenty of time for a sled dog tour, visit the Ice Museum or the Santa Claus House in North Pole.

NL-02 Chena Hot Springs Resort Aurora Viewing
04 Days from | to Fairbanks 

Chena Hot Springs Resort with it's legendary healing mineral waters is one of the best accessible and the most developed hot springs spa resort in Alaska with over 200 Aurora viewing days per year. At night take the unique snowcoach and observe the magnificent Aurora Borealis displays from a heated cabin on the Chena Hills. Relax and rejuvenate within the large natural outdoor hot springs pool, the indoor mineral water fed pool or in a variety of hot tubs. Overnight in an real ice hotel. Optional Activities: ice museum tour, Alaska dog mushing and sled dog rides, sled dog kennel tours, Arctic Circle flightseeing, sleight rides and guided snowmobile tours.

NL-03 Arctic Circle and Dalton Highway Van Tour | Aurora Experience
05 Days from | to Fairbanks

Join this guided tour across the Arctic Circle: Starting in Fairbanks, we'll drive on the Dalton Highway across the Arctic Circle to the remote settlements of Coldfoot and Wiseman within striking distance of the magnificent Brooks Range wilderness region. The fully escorted van tour includes stopover at the remarkable Alaska Pipeline project and on the banks of the frozen Yukon River. You'll receive a personal Arctic Circle certificate, enjoy the very scenic return flight to Fairbanks and of course outstanding Northern Lights viewing opportunities. Optional local tours include guided dog mushing.

NL-04 Bettles Lodge | Aurora Viewing above the Arctic Circle
05 Days from | to Fairbanks

Bettles Lodge is located 35-miles north of the Arctic Circle and just outside of Alaska's remote Gates of the Arctic National Park. The destination provides some of the worlds most outstanding Aurora Borealis activities with mainly clear skies and without any city lights. Daily activities include the visit of Evansville - a ancient native village on the frozen banks of the Koyukuk River, flightseeing tours across the Arctic Tundra, the mighty Yukon River and along the Alaska Pipeline, as well as sled dog tours with a professional Iditarod musher. Optional: Extend the tour program with railroad departure from or to Anchorage.

► Alaska Northern Lights Rail Tours
NL-06 Alaska Winter Rail Tours |  from Anchorage - Fairbanks
06 Days from Anchorage - Fairbanks 

Our top all-inclusive Alaska winter tour experience. Travel with the renowned Alaska Railroad towards the Alaska Mountain Range with the dominating Mt. Denali to Fairbanks. If you arrive in Fairbanks during the annual winter carnival you may enjoy the World Championship Ice Carving competition and the Open North America Sled Dog Championship races. Chena Hot Springs provides some ideal and almost 100 % guaranteed Aurora viewing in a remote wilderness setting just below the Arctic Circle. Local winter activities are including: sled dog tours, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and ice skating.   

NL-06A Alaska Winter Rail Tours | from Fairbanks to Anchorage
07 Days from Fairbanks - Anchorage 

If you prefer to start your Alaska winter tour vacation in Fairbanks we also offer the above tour (NL-06) just in reverse direction with an additional night in Fairbanks or at Chena Hot Springs. Our tour starts with the overnights at the Chena Hot Springs Resort - known for it's spectacular Northern Lights viewing. Spend one night in Fairbanks and than continue your journey onboard the Aurora Railroad via Denali National Park and Talkeetna to Anchorage. You'll definitely enjoy Alaska's magnificent scenery with never ending panoramic views. A unique Alaska Winter Vacation you'll always remember. 

NL-07 Alaska Winter Rail Tours | the Arctic Circle and Chena Hot Springs Resort
08 Days from Anchorage | Fairbanks

Enjoy an amazing vacation within Alaska's spectacular Winter Wonderland. Travel onboard the comfortable Alaska Aurora Railroad from Anchorage to Fairbanks and enjoy the panoramic views of the magnificent snow covered Alaska Range. You'll continue jour journey with a guided van tour on the magnificent Dalton Highway and drive along the Alaska Pipeline to the Arctic Circle. Northern Alaska provides some of worlds most outstanding Northern Lights viewing. Relax in the mineral pools of the Chena Hot Springs resort and enjoy typical winter activities such as sled dog tours, x-country skiing, snowmobiling and ice skating.

NL-08 Alaska Winter Rail Tours | Bettles Lodge & Chena Aurora Viewing
08 Days from Anchorage | Fairbanks 

Our staff's favorite Aurora Tour! Travel in comfort with the Alaska Railroad along the snow covered Alaska Range from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Enjoy a magnificent flightseeing trip along the Alaska Pipeline into the Gates of the Arctic National Park and overnight at Bettles Lodge about 35-miles north of the Arctic Circle. Experience a remote Alaska backcountry destination within the mighty Brooks Range. Transfer to Chena Resort about 60 miles from Fairbanks. Relax in the mineral pools of the Chena Hot Springs resort and enjoy typical winter activities such as sled dog tours, x-country skiing, snowmobiling and ice skating.

NL-09 Alaska Fall Rail Tour | Autumn Colours & Aurora Viewing
08 Days from Anchorage | Fairbanks

Autumn in Alaska! Fall Foliage in Alaska provides equally brilliant symphony of yellows, orange and red fall colors which usually peak in late August and during the first two weeks of September. Travelers will be rewarded with glorious views of the Alaska Range, snowcapped Mt. Denali, broad alpine valleys, arctic tundra - impressive views around Broad Pass on the Parks Highway to Denali, excellent wildlife viewing for moose and grizzly bears, as well as faszinating Northern Lights viewing opportunities from Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs Resort.


Yukon Northern Lights Tours
NL-10 Tagish Lake | Yukon Winter Softadventure Tour
05 Days from | to Whitehorse

Winter season is a very special period at Tagish Lake. Although daylight is short, there are a lot of ways to spend your vacation at Tagish Wilderness Lodge – be active and hike through the winter forests or pamper yourself in our wood-heated whirlpool. Yukon's Winter Wonderland awaits you – experience the crystal clear winter days, deeply frozen lakes and take part in a choice of typical Yukon activities like dogsledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing or even watching the mystic Aurora Borealis. Your adventurous day ends with a hearty, home-cooked dinner, lovingly prepared by your Swiss hosts.

NL-11 Yukon Territory | Northern Lights Safari
08 Days from | to Whitehorse

Start your tour with a small group through the winter wonderland of the Yukon Territory. Overnight in Whitehorse, a trip on the Alaska Highway to Watson Lake, visit Liard Hot Springs with it's natural hot springs pools, stayover in Watson Lake and visit the Northern Lights Space and Science Center and spend a few days in Dawson City. The former " Paris of the North" is synonymous with the 1898's Klondike Gold Rush and the author Jack London. You'll finally end the tour at the Takhini Hot Springs with the 35-40 degree heated pools and many recreational activities and over 300 acre of skitrails.


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